Playing with food

We collaborated with Flore Directory who promote sustainable, ethical and empowering brands. They are on a mission to highlight responsible brands by creating a space for conscious people to be inspired.  

The collaboration was to spotlight food waste for being visually the ‘wrong’ shape or colour, or because they were surplus.
We created a paprika cracker vase which held a cluster of vegetables from Odd box and made decorative vegetable garnishes as accessories.
The images where photographed by Tami Aftab and the set design is by Cara Watson.
The edible vases holds : radicchio, dill, parsley, asparagus and cavolo nero.

Radicchio, parsley, asparagus and cavolo nero in medium paprika cracker vase.

Radicchio, dill, parsley, asparagus and cavolo nero in large paprika cracker vase.