Events / Commisions / Set design 

0k.studios is an exploration into using food and flowers to create immersive dining experiences that are also viewed as fine art sculptures. We aim to curate unique and immersive edible installations inspired by stories, elements, friends and a passion for food and flowers.

Food and flowers as mediums are both temporal, include the senses and are traditionally domestic. Ok.studios aim to illuminate the possibilities of these mediums to create engaging and welcoming art. We want people to be able to luxuriate in their senses: to observe colours and textures, to gratify their palates and to relish in sharing.

The collaboration is between friends Ollie Wiggins and Kay Kimura-Dickinson; who met at University of the Arts London, Camberwell. Ollie studied Fine Art, Photography and Kay studied Graphic Design. Ollie comes from a family of professional florists but wanted to step away from traditional floristry and use his inspiration from fine art to create inspired, contemporary floral sculptures. Kay has always had an interest in food and cooking, the relationship it has with people and the conversations that evolve around it. She learned how to cook from a very young age from her Japanese mother and has experience working in Michelin star restaurants and currently works in a sushi restaurant. As part of her graphic design studies, she decided to combine her passion for food and hosting by creating a dining experience that others could be a part of.

We are available for events, photoshoots and set design.